Friday, July 26, 2013

Public Display of Affection

My cousin and I were in a small room, the doorway had a blanket covering it up, instead of a door. Some guy walks into the room and I am sitting on the floor reading a book. He starts kissing my cousin, disregarding me. I then start to punch him in his face but I am horrible at it and he laughs at this and calls me a "Fat ass". I ask my cousin if she heard what he said. He says, "Well, it's true". I then yell out, "You piece of shit" and I guess I did so in real life as well because I woke myself up again! I don't understand the whole yelling out things in my sleep but it's happening again as it was some months ago.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Want to Go Home

This will be short but I finally had a dream and remember a bit of it. In the dream I kept asking to go home or telling this person I was going home and they kept telling me no one was there. They said my mom was in the hospital for some back problem and was choosing to stay overnight for the issue. At some point I became angry and woke myself up by yelling out in the dream and in real life, "Fuck you", and I am not sure exactly why! Seems as though my nightmares are back. Though hopefully this means I will be back with another dream once I sleep again!