Sunday, February 9, 2014

Multiple dreams, unremembered

Not sure how many dreams I had last night. As I have slept a heck of a lot since yesterday! Looks like pretty much all day Saturday until 9 something AM this morning. I was sick yesterday and I was awaking every hour or couple of hours though. I was awakening abruptly, so remembering many of them was too difficult. Though here is one:

A girl is summoned into the center of the room... gets told she could have had a different life or something/the one she wanted would have, if she'd chosen a path slightly left of the path she chose in life, when she was alive... I see an image of snow with paths/footprints and see the path she should have chosen slightly left of the path she did. I guess she is getting to choose all over again. I am not a character in the dream, mind you, just an observer.

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