Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anime Jesus in the Blue Robe

I had another Asian themed dream. This time I was IN Japan... go figure! All I can recall at the moment is going up and down in an elevator, pressing 3 at some point. I was looking for some girl I knew. Then the elevator took me to a room with a bunch of students, not all were Asian, some were English speaking of random ethnicities. They were all at tables. However, for some reason I walked up to this one guy and asked him, "Do you speak English?" and he couldn't. I remember then being in a room with someone [or multiple people] and looking out the window saying I could see star clusters... which turned out to be just lights of the city but then went back to looking like star clusters in the sky. Then one of them turned into a satellite floating way too close to Earth because I was able to see that it was and tell the people I was with what I had seen. Then on a mountain outside the window, lights began to shine... and it formed on the side a huge figure of Jesus but he was done cutsie anime style! His robe was blue though!

I am not a fan of Asian culture (no offense to anyone) or Anime, like some people are. So, this is actually quite bizarre and strange in regards to myself. I also consider myself Pagan and what a figure of Jesus was doing in Japan is beyond me...

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