Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Dream State Word and Day Sky Streak Nebula

Another word came to me in my sleep state, "mungjong". Then I fell asleep again, after writing it down, and I am not sure which dream came first because I have two scribed but they are illegible so I have to transcribe. I will put the two dreams in separate posts.

This dream starts with me going outside, I see a nebula streak down the sky, in the clouds outside a window, like an opening where it's visible [I rendered this as best I could with a photo editor, it doesn't even remotely begin to convey what I saw]. Some lady as I am outside trying to get to where I saw this in the sky... she grabs my hand and asks me if I have seen some rock. She acts like it is significant and I "have" to see it [I never got to see it]. Then I am in some house, I believe to be my dad's mother's house. I am worried about people finding out about the kitten I bought in [people in the household I guess]. I talk to my mom about her husband's cats. One has a strange name, it is a street name, with the word "road" or "street" in it's name. Then I am outside (??) looking for the nebula cloud again... the sky appears all drawn like a cartoon, colorful, posterized like colors of cartoonish things... [I have no images or any details of this]. I start having a "Jack the Pumpkin King" moment, I even think this in the dream, like, "What's this? What's this? I can't believe my eyes"... then I see two stray cats, they have notes with them, that make me think they were dropped of by some Christian group. I go secretly tell my mom I found more kittens.

Also, in the same dream or different dream, a foreign girl or just a pen pal was living with me in a dorm room or apartment room, it was one room. She leaves because of something I did. I then go to the bathroom, it's a public bathroom with showers, exactly like a dorm would have... and they asked me what happened between me and her because they somehow knew she left. Though I never told them. There was more, but it's gone now.

                                            (Crudely rendered image by me with photo editor)

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