Sunday, September 8, 2013

Through the Blue Gate

Here in this dream, I am stuck/trapped at a house in a bad section of town, it has something to do with my most recent ex. He lives there or something... but I never actually see him. I left or escaped... headed down the road he lived on, to the point when it becomes and extremely dangerous place, more so. I get to a point where there is a blue gate, gating off this dangerous road, from the not so "bad" neighborhood, although still "bad". I exit the blue gate than I run into two Asian girls [where the Asian theme in my dreams is coming from I don't know]... they are standing at an building a long the bad street, where I am also standing. I got there first or they did, not sure. They are stranded on this bad portion of road, car broken down and cellphones dead or broken. Their father is there... some man from the bad street makes his way over to us and tries to steal my purse. I start to panic because I have Valium in there and fear if it's stolen I will somehow get in trouble because it's in my prescription bottle. So, I think he says, "What is this?", pointing at the bottle in my purse... I say, "It's Lithium". He then tells me, in a lecturing way, that that stuff will kill me. He leaves, I may have angered him somehow because a bunch of tied together giant balloons come floating towards me and I just know they're going to explode, killing me. I do or did call the police at some point. I push the balloons away and they float towards someone else, I know I need to get them away from everyone. Somehow they are away from us and they do explode, with a force and a fire that would have killed.

There's a time lapse and the father takes me to a real Asian/possibly Chinese restaurant, we are at a long table. The dream focuses in on me eating my rice with chopsticks, very slowly because it's difficult, as I'd never used them before. Some other Asian man in the restaurant isn't too happy I am there, he thinks I do not belong because I am not Asian. Eventually everyone finishes and I'm not done, I look at my bowl of rice, but get up anyway to leave with everyone I was with.

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