Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pearl 42

I walked by a tree and thought I saw a fox on top of it, [it was kind of overhanging a house maybe], then I realized [or it changed to being] a bear. Then on the road In was on, I kept running into and seeing bears. Some getting too close for comfort. They were everywhere along this road. I went up and down said road, it was called Pearl Street 42, [I lived on a Pearl Street in real life but it has no number] which led to Tibbicks Wick Road, [in real life this is incorrect, the real road is also Tibbetts not Tibbicks-- IRL that is how I always wrongly pronounce it tho]. Tibbicks Wick had a miniature sidewalk meant for beavers, I saw one up ahead, walking along the walkway. I followed the sidewalk and saw it turn into a thing that went up with a ramp, it was up in the air. 

At the end of Pearl 42, at the end where in the dream it was more city like, there was a mailman on the side of the road passed out or hurt... as we were driving our RV passed him, we are way ahead now, but we stop to look back. We see him get up and we are close enough to hear him start talking, he is talking "crazy" talk, he's obviously mentally disturbed. I had wanted to help him when we saw him passed out and this changed nothing with him acting the way he was. Whomever was with me, the woman-- mother figure-- was afraid and wanted nothing to do with him, getting close to him or even really helping him. I mention calling 911 but no one with me cared to... they got into the RV and drove off. I stood with my cellphone with 911 on the other end... [there was a weird conversation here or a strangeness to what was going on with the operator but that part is gone]. I saw the RV make a left down a road. I walked by each road off the left of Pearl 42 but too see if I could catch them but they were too far gone or out of sight. I could not believe they just left. I went down to the city part of the street and went onto Robbins Ave, so I thought it was in the dream [but it wasn't]. I found a place to hide and dial 911 again... when I was hidden some men saw me and they were entering into the building entrance which was in where I was hiding. They were like a group, organization type group, so that's how they looked to me... maybe religious group. I then started walking up "Robbins Ave" where a mass of people were headed going somewhere, in the opposite direction as me. I walked against them... found another group of people who were rushing me to line up on the other side of the road, making me feel as if I were going to get in some sort of trouble if I didn't. This group of people had done something "wrong". They acted like I was involved. I crossed and lined up with them, then they started to head up the road intersecting with the one we were on... I got to a point where it was broken, caved in but still climbable to the other side but it looked treacherous... in my head I said like, "Hell no". I turned back around to see some girls sitting on a wall on the side of the road. I tried to climb up onto it but for the life of me could not. So, I head down the road towards the other road where there was a lawn on the other side of the wall. It sloped up though and I still could not get up, though it was not a difficult slope up... neither was the height of the wall too hard to climb up onto. 

{ At some point in the dream I was far up on Pearl 42 towards Tibbick which was very woodsy/forested, where I saw the bear}

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