Sunday, September 8, 2013

One Room School House

I was wandering down Pearl 42 again and I was this little girl or I was overseeing a little Asian girl. There was a couple, American, who dropped her off at a little school house, elementary. She sat in the back right desk! She was too advanced for the work they were giving her, sheets of spelling words and penmanship. Although one problem on the paper I remember was something that does not make sense:

[some word/unknown] - 125 = [X]

The number may have been 45 but I believe very much that it was a three digit number. The little girl got stared at for being new. The one kid turned around from his desk and could see her, so my diagram is not exactly on point... since they could turn around and talk to each other. She then grabbed her purse and backpack, and asked to go to the bathroom, she had a plan to escape. Attached to this school was an bathroom but with no entrance from the school, just a door into it from the outside... so she walked to that building, in the dream I could see the door to the bathroom vividly [the detail is now gone]. She jumped the chain link fence of the neighboring home to the school, who had a horse, it was never seen in the dream, it was something just "known" it felt. She even hid from this man and then she traversed the acres of land behind far behind the school, the land went uphill to the school and it could be seen though, and the land was flatter down where she was. She then, maybe, tried to call home or someone on her cellphone she had to come get her.

                                              (Why blogger is shrinking my pictures is beyond me)

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